Learning is a skill, like writing, soccer or painting, that we can improve with applied effort. However, everyone learns differently. Do you know how you learn best?

Uncover your learning preferences using the Personal Learning Preferences (PLP) assessment

The PLP can be used as a tool to help you leverage your strengths when you need to learn a new skill or complete a task. Knowing your PLP can help reduce frustration and increase success.

The PLP provides a customized overview of your preferences at this moment in time based on your responses to a series of questions. Your preferences will fall within four areas which we call Quadrants. Each Quadrant relates to a specific set of skills. The combined Quadrants include all skills that are required to complete a project or task. Most people have strengths in multiple Quadrants but it is rare to have equal strengths in all four Quadrants.

This inventory of strengths is neither static nor permanent. It will evolve as you grow, learn and respond to dynamics in your environment.

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